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Today the Board of Inquiry completes its rigorous examination into the events and circumstances of the Hazelwood mine fire that resulted in so much community confusion and concern.

Public hearings were held over 14 days and attended by more than 700 community members and representatives from various organisations and government departments.

‘We are delighted to have heard from so many different people with varying backgrounds and experiences including firefighters, mine workers, expert witnesses and community members’ said the chair of the Board of Inquiry, Justice Bernard Teague.

‘We have placed great emphasis on openness during the hearings process and now it is time to turn our minds to our report and recommendations for change’.

Board members Ms Sonia Petering and Prof. John Catford joined Justice Teague in thanking many individuals and organisations for their contributions.

‘First we would like to thank the Morwell and Latrobe Valley community for welcoming us with open arms and for sharing their stories and local knowledge through hearings, community consultations and written submissions’, they said.

‘Our thanks also to those who helped set up our office and hearings room in Morwell — we hope it has been a rewarding experience for everyone involved and we are extremely grateful for everyone’s assistance’.

The Board of Inquiry will  hear final submissions from parties granted leave to appear on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Presentations will begin at 10.00 am in the Auditorium at 20 Hazelwood Road in Morwell. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

The Board is due to submit its report and recommendations to the Victorian Government by the end of August 2014.

Contact:  Media and Communications Manager:  Tracey Matters 0417 230 503

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