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Community Consultations 2014

Community consultations for the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry were held between 10 April 2014 and 8 May 2014.

Consultations gave individuals and non-government organisations from Morwell and the Latrobe Valley an opportunity to discuss their views about key issues in relation to the Board of Inquiry’s investigation.

Details of consultation sessions:

Kernot Hall, Morwell
Thursday, 10 April 2014
12.30 – 3.00pm
Download notes (PDF 116 KB)

Kernot Hall, Morwell
Thursday, 10 April 2014
6.00pm – 8.30pm
Download notes (PDF 113 KB)

Moe Town Hall, Moe
Friday, 11 April 2014
9.30am – 12.00 noon
Download notes (PDF 112 KB)

Federation University Auditorium, Churchill
Friday, 11 April 2014
1.30pm – 4.00pm
Download notes (PDF 126 KB)

Kernot Hall, Morwell
Tuesday, 15 April 2014
7.00pm – 9.00pm
Download notes (PDF 146 KB)

Morwell Bowling Club, Morwell
Wednesday, 16 April 2014
7.00am – 9.00am
Download notes (PDF 131 KB)

Latrobe Performing Arts Centre, Traralgon
Wednesday, 16 April 2014
11.00am – 1.30pm
Download notes (PDF 125 KB)

Ninde Quarenook, Morwell
Wednesday, 7 May 2014
1.00pm – 3.30pm
Download notes (PDF 128 KB)

Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry office, Morwell
Wednesday, 7 May 2014
4.00pm – 6.00pm
Download notes (PDF 121 KB)

Morwell Club
Thursday, 8 May 2014
7.00am – 9.00am
Download notes (PDF 132 KB)


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