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The first block of Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry public hearings will begin on Monday, 26 May 2014, at 10.00 am in the auditorium at 20 Hazelwood Road, Morwell.

‘We are ready to begin rigorous examination of the events and circumstances of the Hazelwood mine fire that resulted in so much community confusion and concern’, said Chair of the Inquiry, Bernard Teague.

The first block of hearings will focus on the origin of and response to the fires. Craig Lapsley, Fire Services Commissioner, will be the first person to provide evidence on day one of the Inquiry. Representatives from GDF Suez and Worksafe Victoria are also expected to provide evidence during the first week of the hearings.

Week two of the hearings will focus on health and environment and week three will address mitigation and fire prevention. Detailed hearing schedules will be posted on the Inquiry’s website at at least three days in advance.

‘People are encouraged to attend and view the public proceedings’, said an Inquiry spokesperson, ‘but unless they have been formally notified, they will not be able to provide evidence’.

Those wishing to attend the hearings are asked to use the Ann Street Entrance of the building.

Contact: Media and Communications Manager, Tracey Matters, 0417 230 503

Last Updated on Friday, 16 May 2014