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The Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry’s Health Improvement community consultations start 17 August, in Morwell and continue in Moe and Traralgon 18 August.

These consultations provide people with an opportunity to tell the Inquiry Board what is needed to improve health in the Latrobe Valley. This could include new health services, changes to existing ones, and broader lifestyle and environmental measures that will help people stay healthy.

“We encourage everyone to come along and share ideas about what they think is needed to help people get healthy and stay healthy.” said board member Professor John Catford.

Prof. Catford added, “It’s important people know that this Inquiry is not looking directly at what health problems have been created by the mine fire but rather how to improve them. We are looking into how people’s health can be improved going forward.”

Community members who wish to attend don’t need to be experts. At the start of each consultation people will be given a briefing to provide people with the information they need to make valuable contributions.

The information coming out of these consultations will be used to inform any recommendations the Board make in relation to Terms of Reference 7 of the Inquiry.

Anyone wishing to register to attend a community consultation should call the Inquiry on 1300 556 034 or email

For more information about the Inquiry visit or call 1300 556 034.

Contact: Media and Communications Manager, 0429 835 083

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