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Anglesea Public Hearings

Anglesea – Terms of Reference 11

Public hearings were held in Anglesea on 30 – 31 July and in Melbourne on 6 August 2015.

List of witnesses

Day 1

  • Jane Burton, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
  • Chris Rolland, Alcoa of Australia
  • Warren Sharp, Alcoa of Australia
  • Ross McGowan, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
  • Rob Kelly, Victorian WorkCover Authority

Transcript of Day 1 proceedings

Day 2

  • Robert Barry, Country Fire Authority
  • Jamie McKenzie, Country Fire Authority
  • Craig Lapsley, Emergency Management Commissioner
  • Cameron Farrington, Mining Engineer
  • Rod Incoll, Fire risk expert

Transcript of Day 2 proceedings

Day 3

Transcript of Day 3 proceedings, closing statements.

Practice direction below:

No: 1
Witness statement of Jane Burton
No: 2
Witness statement of Chris Rolland
No: 3A
Photograph taken in 2000 or thereabouts
No: 3B
No: 4
No files found.
No: 5
Anglesea Risk Assessment dated 3 December 2014
No: 6
Letter from John Mitas, DEDJTR, to Alcoa dated 27 July 2015
No: 7A
Photograph dated 29 July 2015
No: 7B
Alcoa photo
No: 8
Submission of Alcoa of Australia
No: 9
Witness statement of Warren Sharp
No: 10
Supplementary witness statement of Warren Sharp
No files found.
No: 11
Alcoa’s response to recommendations
No: 12
Alcoa scope of work
No: 13
Witness statement of Ross McGowan
No: 14
Alcoa Fire Management current work plan
No: 15
Witness statement of Rob Kelly
No: 16
Witness statement of Paul Smith
No: 17
Witness statement of Robert Barry, CFA
No: 18
Witness statement of Jamie MacKenzie, CFA
No: 19
Fuel Management Photograph
No files found.
No: 20
Witness statement of Craig Lapsley, Emergency Management Commissioner
No: 21
Mining One Anglesea Mine Coal Coverage Project review Technical review for Alcoa
No files found.
No: 22
Expert report of Rod Incoll, Bushfire Risk Expert
No: 23
Supplementary expert report of Rod Incoll, Bushfire Risk Expert
No: 24
Aust/NZ Standard for Risk Management 4360/2004 (ISO30001/2009)
No files found.
No: 25
DEPI, Strategic bushfire management plan (2014)